White Angel’s Café


White Angel’s Café                    Music & lyrics written by Frances Livings © 2013

You’d made no reservations
hadn’t packed no clothes
arrived in the clouds so suddenly
and stood there at heaven’s doors

Did you ring a doorbell
or did you walk straight in?
I suppose your room was ready
at your last stop, the Sunset Inn

I know we’re all just passing through
But why did life give up on you?

Will you log on from heaven,
from the White Angel’s Café?
Will you tweet me your status
update your page
sipping on de-caf latte?

Have you now grown gracious wings?
Are soaring high as your heart sings,
off to another place in the endless skies?

But when you get a moment
Please remember me –
Grow me a rainbow, send me a sign!
From way up there, cloud fifty nine

You were my sturdy castle, my friend
Why did it have to end?
You were made of sand that day
The tide came in and washed you away

Won’t you, log on from heaven
from the White Angel’s Café
Won’t you tweet me your status
Update your page
And one day, that very far away day,
I’ll join you and buy you a de-caf latte
We’ll sit and laugh together
at your favourite café

Log on from heaven!
From the White Angel’s Café
Tweet me your status
update your page
sipping on de-caf latte – one day


Background info:
Read about how and why I wrote this song in my blog post “Funeral Blues“.

Recording credits:
Artist: Frances Livings
Album: The World I Am Livings In
Label: Moontraxx Records, 2013

Frances Livings ~ vocals
Jeff Colella ~ electric piano
Keith Jones ~ electric bass
Joey Heredia ~ drums
Christopher Allis ~ electric percussion

Julia Margaret Cameron, Angel, 1872 wings little girl melancholic
© Julia Margaret Cameron, Angel, 1872

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