Lonely In The Night


Lonely In The Night          words & music by Frances Livings © 2013

Lonely in the night
I gaze into the dark
the winds have heaved their chest
and sprayed the heavens with stars
Violet lined clouds
the sky, an indigo blue
star spangled darkness
I am so missing you, oh –

The way you kiss my fingertips
the way you touch my hair
I was kissing your photograph
just wishing you were here, oh –

I am lonely in the daytime
awake before dawn
but even when the morning breaks
the sun comes out in vain
clouds drift by playfully
the sky’s a turquoise blue
everything is in it’s place
what’s missing, what’s missing is you, oh –

You’re the love I thought
I’d never find
so close, but now so far
I cannot kiss or touch your face
but I carry you in my heart –––


Recording credits:
Artist: Frances Livings
Album: The World I Am Livings In
Label: Moontraxx Records, 2013

Frances Livings ~ vocals
Jeff Colella ~ piano
Trey Henry ~ double bass
Matt Cooker and Peter Jacobsen ~ cello
Paul Cartwright ~ violin
String arrangement: Greg Porée
Recorded at Nolan Shaheed’s studio, Pasadena
Mixed & mastered by Rob Beaton, Los Angeles


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