Don’t Ask Me If I Miss You


Don’t Ask Me If I Miss You

Words & music by Frances Livings © 2013

I do not possess a photograph
in a silver frame
I bear no lovelock in a locket
I wear no mascot on a chain
Your image is in pencil
on paper oh so thin
the wind softly picks you up
and carries you away again

So don’t ask me if I miss you
’cause I do not want to lie
there is nothing to tell you
not a thing to say
your voice on the phone
it just echoes in space

Cause I never write you letters
by soft candle light
and I don’t caress the bedclothes
when you’ve been here for the night
There is never a tomorrow
a future or a dream
you slip through my fingers
you just fade away
I never really long for you
or want you to stay

I lose you, I just lose you
I lose you when you’re not here
I lose you, I just lose you
I lose you when you’re not here

But when you press yourself against me
when you kiss me deep and strong
when you lose yourself with me
when I move, move with you
when I lose myself with you

Cause I love you
when you’re here with me
but I don’t when you’re gone
so don’t ask me it I miss you
cause frankly – I don’t
No I don’t

Background info:
The song is from my album “The World I Am Livings In”, Moontraxx 2013.

Recording credits:
Frances Livings ~ vocals
Jeff Colella ~ piano
Trey Henry ~ double bass

(c) Poeticaesthetic
(c) Poeticaesthetic
Spider web early morning dew photograph by Frances Livings
© Frances Livings, Early Morning Spider Web

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